Know more about your heart 


The Human heart has four valves which are synchronized to open and close according to heart’s rhythm.
Heart valves play a very important role in ensuring blood flows in the correct direction within the heart and out of it so that eventually human body is assured proper blood supply.


TAVR Procedure

  • Till date, valve replacement has been mostly done through open heart surgery wherein a new tissue/mechanical prosthetic valve is inserted in place of the diseased valve.

  • Open heart surgery is an invasive procedure and is known to have a longer recovery time and may be challenging for elderly patients (>65yrs).

  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) technique is a life-saving treatment modality for patients who are unwilling or at risk to undergo an open heart surgery.

  • This minimally invasive procedure involves placement of a new valve over the patient’s diseased valve via a catheter inserted through the femoral artery (large artery in groin).

  • This procedure can thus be done through small openings and hence result in quicker recovery post procedure.


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