THV Delivery

  • Myval-THV is an annular valve and on expansion, the frame foreshortens adequately, deploying precisely across the orthotopic position, eliminating PVL or AR.

  • Myval THV is directly crimped on the Navigator balloon for visual confirmation before use.

  • Navigator Distal Balloon Assembly has soft atraumatic tip & a Dual-Stopper System for orthotopic valve deployment. 

  • Navigator Proximal Assembly comes with a Rotatory handle for High-flexion and ease of navigation


Crimped Myval THV on the Navigator Balloon

Myval direct crimping on the Navigator balloon makes valve delivery simple, intuitive, and eliminates unwarranted procedural steps.
Navigator balloon delivery system has a set of Proximal and Distal Stoppers which ensure that valve crimping is precise and snug. 
This also prevents inadvertent migration or risk of valve embolization during delivery.


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