Myval THV is a next generation TAVR technology amalgamating virtues of novel valve design elements resulting in accurate positioning and orthotopic valve deployment. Myval THV is designed keeping precision at its heart, ensuring predictable clinical safety and efficacy outcomes.


Excellent device result | No device related mortality | No stroke/TIA post procedure | No pacemaker requirement post procedure


Accurate Positioning

Novel, Hybrid honey-comb cell design on Myval-THV results in a unique alternative sequence of dark-light bands which allow for accurate valve positioning across the annular plane without deep throating into LVOT


Orthotopic Deployment

Myval-THV is an annular valve and on expansion the frame foreshortens adequately, deploying precisely across the orthotopic position, eliminating PVL or AR


Precision in Patient Outcomes

Ability of Myval-THV to be precisely positioned and deployed at orthotopic position eliminates the risk of a TAVR induced heart block or need for a new permanent pacemaker.

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